Thursday, October 09, 2008


Yesterday, I had the opportunity to spend some time with about 5,000+ other people to see Sen McCain and Governor Palin. What a difference 6 months makes, last February I saw John McCain at the Recreation Center in Rocky River with maybe 1,000 people and very little security. Yesterday the Secret Service were very evident as it should be, but the excitement was deafening when the ticket walked into the room.

Here are some shots from the Rally.

Inside the gym of the Center.

The GOP Mascot near the entrance of the Strongsville Recreation Center

A sign for 10th District candidate Jim Trakas, who really stirred up the crowd.

Cindy McCain introducing Gov. Palin. Sen. McCain and his daughter Meghan

Gov. Palin giving her stump speech.

Browns QB Brady Quinn introducing the next President of the United States.

Sen. McCain working the line near my position.

Cindy and Sen McCain working the rope line. Cindy is talking with a young man with Downs Syndrome.

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