Wednesday, November 19, 2008

County Corruption Probe drifting into Lakewood

In Sunday's Plain Dealer it was interesting to see that Council President Micheal Dever's name appear on court documents.

To me this was not surprising, but apparently it was to Dever:

Mike Dever, former head of construction for the county engineer's office, is the deputy to the sanitary engineer. He is not sure why he is named in a subpoena, though he said he once accepted a campaign contribution from Blaze Construction owner Ferris Kleem as a Lakewood councilman.

I guess perhaps I have been in the legal business too long, because I had figured that Dever's name would eventually appear in the legal documents when the initial raids were first announced. Especially, with him so close to the County Engineer on the various construction projects. A position he has mentioned several times during Council hearings on the road and sewer projects and the probe involving sweetheart deals from contractors.

Let me state now that on the face of the information that has been made public, he has done nothing wrong, but, this probe will draw in people that may have nothing to do with the issue.

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