Monday, March 16, 2009

Help St. James of Lakewood Ohio

As you now the Bishop of Cleveland has decided that St. James in Lakewood is to close sometime in the next 18 months.

I believe that we must fight to save the Church, which in turn will maintain the solvency of Lakewood Catholic Academy.

Tonight, Monday 3/16 at 8:00pm is a Town Hall meeting to discuss the next steps but also share memories of this once glorious parish.
Come join us to show solidarity to the Parish family and the community as a whole.

Just so you are aware, here is the letter the Bishop sent to all the Lakewood Pastors.


Anonymous said...

I didn't find out about the meeting until today. Is St. James appealing the decision by the Bishop? Is there anything we can do as parishioners to help?


Anonymous said...

His appointment in Cleveland was a very calculated move. Send someone in from a distant place, where doesn't have any relatives or forebears, hence, no feel for the local people or their concerns and background. He was sent in as a hatchet man, and if the last two weeks are any indication, he's succeeding beyond anyone's wildest imagination.
I hope some people in Cleveland fight him tooth and nail.
I certainly wouldn't trust him in a dark alley!
The goings-on in Diocese after Diocese in this country make Orwell's "1984" seem like a child's cartoon book.