Saturday, March 21, 2009

Maureen Patricia Carroll Atkinson

This morning I was slated to be Mexico. But, God had a different plan!

On Thursday morning God decided to call my sister Pat home to be with him.

For 40 years my sister had Juvenile Diabetes, it was a constant battle for her to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keeping the diabetes in check. At least once or twice a year it would knock her down, but she would get back up and renew the battle.

Last year the disease took a limb, but she continued to battle. However, the JD was beginning to get the upper hand.

Recently, she moved up to Buffalo to stay with my mother while the home that she,her husband Tom and son TJ shared was rebuilt after a fire in January. A home she will not see again.

I am sad and happy for her because she doesn't have to deal with the daily struggle of Diabetes again, but will not see her son, TJ do all the things that she had hoped for when she gave birth to him nearly 20 years ago.

My heart is broken and my eyes are full of tears!

Rest in Peace, Pat

Love your
Mon Petite General

PS If you hear thunder in the heavens the next couple days, its Pat kickin' my brother's butt for leaving back in 95.

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