Monday, September 07, 2009

Primary Day in Lakewood

Tomorrow the City begins to narrow down the list of candidates for the At-Large City Council race.

Here is the ballot:

You get to make three choices on the ballot:

Nickie Antonio - Incumbent
Daniel Bartos - Challenger
Anthony Davis - Challenger
Ryan Demro - Challenger
Edward McCartney - Challenger
Brian Powers - Incumbent
Jared Shapiro - Challenger
Daniel Shields - Challenger
Monique Smith - Challenger

Now looking at the historical data from the 2005 At-Large Race the level of turn out was a paltry 9.27 percent or about 3,935 ballots cast out of 42,441 registered voters. With no one garnering more than 1750 votes.

If my information is correct 2800 absentee ballots were requested, so the polling locations could be very sparse and the results should be known very quickly after 8 PM.

We have nine candidates and the primary will cut it down to six:
I think at 11 pm the six will be in alpha order - Antonio, Demro, Powers, Shapiro, Shields and Smith.

Now I would not be surprised in Bartos slid in there and maybe knocked Shields or Shapiro out. But, I think the Republicans will be trying to keep two GOP candidates for the General in November.

What has been interesting to me is the play amongst the Democrats. Who will the Democratic voters be going for. Will have to wait and see.


Anonymous said...

Clarification: Nearly 5,000 absentee ballots were requested.


5010 requested 2600+ returned