Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Some Post Primary Thoughts

With the actual ballots cast information still not yet published its interesting to see that over 5,000 absentee ballots were requested but only a little more than 2,600 were returned.

Once the voter information is published it will be telling to see who did the better job of stirring the pot and moving people into the polls.

As in past years, the sad part is that about 10% of the voting public will be making choices that affect 100% of the population and businesses in Lakewood.

Mayor FitzGerald's piece seemed to help Monique Smith at the absentee level, but I think the Lakewood Democratic piece helped Dan Shields more.

Can Monique Smith keep the party faithful to her side or do they side more with Dan Shields?

More to come in the next few weeks. Everyone, except Antonio is going to need to work a little harder to keep their voters in check and pick up new supporters along the way.

UPDATE: Here is the Unofficial breakdown by Precinct.

Lakewood is near the end of the page.

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