Sunday, June 19, 2005

The Journal of a Candidate

Here is the start of some of the early happenings of this campign and how it came about:

Today is May 6, 2005 we have just finished a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Lakewood Republican Organization. I walked into the meeting (of the LRO) ready to tell them I was going to run as Candidate for the Ward 1 seat, however when I walked out I was committed to running as at large position on the essential premise of name recognition and those of the “kitchen cabinet” felt I had a better opportunity to obtain a top five spot in the Primary election.

The LRO is made up of people who feel strongly about how the not only the Country but also the city should be run.

Let me step back a bit to January of 2005. Ryan Demro a sitting City Council member called me to ask if I would be interested in running for City Council. Of course I said I was interested, what he didn’t know was that I had been interested in running for the past year or two but didn’t know who to talk with about it. I thought the GOP in Lakewood was a dead zone. It did not take long for me to realize that in the 2004 Presidential election that the LRO was a fairly formidable group of individuals.

In this cycle I met a man who I had hoped would knock of Dennis Kucinich our current Member of the House of Representative. His name was Ed Herman, he was not successful but he and his manager Ryan Demro sure made an impression on me.

Besides Herman and Demro, there was a third person who was very skilled at the political mechanizations and her name is Colleen Wing. She was a veteran of the political wars in Michigan and has come to Lakewood with her husband Eric and son Benjamin
Colleen has set a course for the LRO that could quite possibly set the organization on to be a political force that is similar to the City of Cleveland and Parma.

So with the help of Demro, Wing, Rita and the Executive Committee of the LRO we shall bring about a change in to local politics.

More of my diary later!

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