Thursday, July 14, 2005


With 82 days to go until the Primary, we have made contact at more than 500 houses, which equates to about 1000-1200 doors that have been knocked on. I hope to triple that number by the end of August and then make a big push in September.

Today is Pre-Check day, we can take our petitions to the County Board of Elections for a review of the signatures of the petition. We believe to have enough, but will getting more just to have a cushion. If we have enough, we will go ahead and file them.

Once we are filed we can concentrate on going door to door and fundraising!

On another topic -- Off to the right you will see my Blogroll, these are links to Blogs that I read on a daily basis. These sites talk about Politics, the War on Terror, life as a soldier in Iraq, Afghanistan or here at home and there are a couple of them that write on everyday life.

One of the sites is SMASH's site , he is a Naval Reserve officer who was stationed in the Gulf during the initial phase of the War in Iraq. I began reading his site in January 2003, he is a good read and will lead you to other sites.

After you finish reading his blog check out his list under MILBLOGS, you will find some great men or women who wear the Uniform of the United States Armed Forces!

He directly or indirectly has directed me to every site that is on the list.

Please check them out, by hitting their links.

Thanks to all the men and women who have served to protect and defend the United States of America!

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Da Goddess said...

Thank you for running! And, your sentiments for our troops makes me happy. I wish all of San Diego's council members felt that way. Heck, all of SD's mayoral candidates, too.

As the daughter of a former Lakewood, OH citizen, GOOD LUCK!