Friday, July 08, 2005

Getting into a Routine

Well, I have been out several times meeting with people and obtaining votes - getting some good feedback and picking up on some new issues that folks are concerned about.
The tempo of going door 2door is picking up, I would to achieve the ability to go out between 3-5 times everyweek. Weekends we are doing two shifts a day.

This past Monday was the 4th of July

We had a great turnout of supporters of the LRO and we put my shirts on most of them to give my group a good size

I tried to shake as many hands as possible along the route

It sure was fun; I had my nephew Patrick and Niece, Colleen along with Rita to march with me.

I said to Patrick that is what we did for his Grandfather Carroll when he was a NY State Assmblyman.

Saw a few of the other candidates in the race, one of the other candidate's people had the same color shirts and a very similar logo as to mine, so much so that I saw some people with the shirts on and I thought were with me and almost went up to them to thank for their help.

The website should be up soon, we are having some issues with the servers so once that is cleared up we should be ready to get more people involved.

The website is

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