Monday, September 05, 2005

Yard Signs

This past Saturday, we had family and supporters over to help with the signs. While we were at it we did some envelope stuffing for absentee ballots;

This is my sister in law Amy, putting together the absentee packets, my Niece Colleen and her brother Christopher helped as well.
My brother Peter (orange shirt) got his hands dirty along with the rest of the volunteers putting the wires into the signs.

While the signs were being put together, Ryan Demro (sitting Councilman and Chair of my Campaign) and Colleen Wing (President of the Lakewood Republican Organization) were conducting a strategy session

Of course the true quarterback of the whole operation was my nephew Christopher, he was throwing spirals in the front yard with his sister Colleen and Benjamin Wing.

Thanks to all who helped in putting the signs together, they soon will dot the city of Lakewood

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