Monday, September 05, 2005

Less than 30 days

We have 29 days to go, the schedule is filling up and time to go door to door is dwindling!

This week I have the endorsement interview with the Sun Newspapers, they are the Community Newspaper for the Cleveland Area. That interview occurs on Wednesday, Thursday we have the LRO Forum with Ken Blackwell. On Saturday is the Lakewood Community Festival, which marks the last summer event for Lakewood, we are trying to get a good size crew out and wandering about with Carroll For Council gear on.

I have a fundraiser coming up and the Blitz Day will be on a weekend. So there is a lot to do and time is running short.

I should also mention that my work with Squire, Sanders will added into the mix as a law suit I am working on is scheduled to go to trial the week of the September 19th or 26th or quite possibly October 5th. All of that is dependent on the schedule of the opposing counsels.

So as you can see, juggling will be the word of the month!

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