Thursday, September 08, 2005


Yesterday, I interviewed with the Sun Newspaper, they publish a variety of Community Newspapers in the Greater Cleveland area. It is viewed that this paper holds a lot more sway with the voters than the Plain Dealer, so I needed to do well.

Two Editors and a reporter covering the City were asking questions. They had split up the Candidates, I sat with Mike Dever (incumbent) and Nicki Anontio(Challenger). Two other candidates went in the next segment after us. So as my information has it, that makes only five of the 8 candidates were interviewed yesterday.

The topics were;

1) Why we are running;
2) What are the issues that we have been hearing while talking to voters (Streets, Taxes, Garbage Hauling etc);
3) Asking our views on how to answer the questions posed by the voters;
4) Taxes;
5) The use of Eminent Domain;
6) The Smoking Ban in Bars and restaurants;

How did it go you ask? I believe I held my own in the Q & A.

We move on!

Tonight, the Ohio Secretary of State, Ken Blackwell will be visiting my house to meet with local leaders prior to a meeting here in Lakewood. I honored to have him here and ready to ask a couple of questions. I will post some photos to have a record of his visit.

Maybe I will get a call from Jim Petro's people and Betty Montgomery's people to visit here too!

Saturday, we have the Community Festival, the last summer event for the City of Lakewood. Overt politicking can be done! All my political stuff will be out in full force.

26 Days

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