Saturday, September 10, 2005


Was just checking my sitemeter, someone is actually reading this blog. I have 122 unique hits and they are staying for a 1 minute and 22 seconds on average. As you might notice the sitemeter says the number is 154, but that means some of those numbers are returning IP addresses (such as me). Do you recognize your IP or website?

So if you are a competitor (or one of their supporters), a member of the media or someone just surfing Welcome! BE ADVISED This sole intent of this blog is to catalog the journey of a candidate running for the first time. I did this because when I started conducting research on running for office I found very little in actual useful knowledge for a candidate learn from on their own. Now its original intent has probably not been fulfilled to anyone reading this, but, it certainly been a useful tool for me.

Just make sure that if you want to use the information, please use it in its full context. Since I am the sole editor of this page, not you!


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