Saturday, September 10, 2005


With 24 days left, those individuals who ordered absentee ballots started receiving them in the mail today. It was kind of cool to see my name at the top of the list. But I know that they alternate the names, so someone got a ballot with my name last (bummer!) Just keep looking for it!

I will probably have it framed along with the results from the Primary and General Elections!

Summer is over! The Lakewood Community Festival was today, it was a beautiful day and a lot folks were out enjoying the good food, pretty decent music and dancing. Saw most of the Competitors in the race, didn't see two of them. All in all some decent people wanting to see Lakewood move in one direction.

If you live in my old home town of Youngstown NY, we would all be heading over to the Peach Festival in Lewiston.

Tomorrow is football season begins and its a March to the Motor City for the Super Bowl. Lets hope Romeo has the same type of start as his former colleague over at Patriots does with Notre Dame, going 2-0.

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