Wednesday, September 21, 2005


Well, here we are! Two weeks to the Primary, most of the candidates are starting to work. Signs are popping up all over town, although mine were first. The endorsements are coming out. The Lakewood Hospitality Association apparently did not endorse me as I have not gotten the letter.
Oh well! We will have to work that much harder.

The absentee ballots are out and my letters to the voters are out as well. Saw one of my competitors at the Board of Election yesterday picking up his set of labels.

Blitz day went well, we had a mostly family in to put packets together and drop them at various locations across the city. I have some pictures to add later.

We had a fundraiser last week, met some great people who are truly interested in my views of Lakewood. It was a mix of Democrats and Republicans. One person who was there was hosting an event for one of my competitors at some point in the future.

Work will be keeping me busy for the next few weeks with a trial coming up and I received word that they want to move my office next weekend, so add that to list of things to do the weekend before the Primary election.

Well, we just moving on! New day! New Challenges! New Answers! Bring on the Election!

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