Saturday, October 01, 2005

Intensity Builds

Well here we are the Saturday before the Primary. The voters of Lakewood are being bombarded with mailings from the at large Candidates (those with money to do it) and the Ward 1 race. Some candidates are still going door to door trying to catch some last minute votes.

Tomorrow, the Cleveland Plain Dealer comes out with their voter guide, not sure how much that will help the voters, but I understand that the paper is trying to cover all the municipal races and not have to come up with a myriad of questions specific for each municipality.

Tomorrow and Monday I will make my closing arguments to the people of Lakewood and beginning Tuesday morning at 6:30 am the ballots will count.

I and my team will be out there for the rest of the weekend making calls, stopping at doors, dropping of literature and standing at the polls.

As Kenny Loggins would say -- "This is it"

I am ready -- I am feeling Happy, I am feeling Healthy -- I am feeling terrific!!!!

We are having a party Tuesday night at a local bar, which I believe has wireless access so I will try and blog the Results Party.

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