Thursday, September 29, 2005


This morning I woke up the Lakewood Sun Post on the doorstep and an endorsement on the inside!
The paper did a write up on each of the candidates with a snippet of everyone's platform.

Mine they used the incentives idea for absentee landlords to rehabilitate their properties with the potential to sell them to the tenants. My belief on that is if we can take out some of the problem rental properties, we create pride of homeownership, some additional tax dollars and take away some of the supply of rentals and stem the upward swing of Section 8 housing that the City has seen over the last 4-5 years. The other benefit that I see is that the other landlords will have the ability to charge a little bit more and get the quality tenants that will stay in their properties.

This is a biggie for me, as this vaults me up into the name recognition list for next Tuesday and for the November election as well. Since the Sun Post endorsed 5 others it puts me on a level playing field, something which I have worked hard to obtain.

Add this endorsement to the one I received earlier in the week from the Lakewood Republican Organization, of which I am truly grateful to the members who have supported me from day one! Also, it goes with the endorsement from the Cuyahoga County Republican Party, that I received back in August.


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