Tuesday, September 27, 2005

7 Days

Well, here we are 7 days until the Primary. Voters are starting to ask questions about what the issues are in the City and how each candidate is stands on those issues, the endorsement interviews keep coming, the Newspapers will be doing their work this week. The Sun Newspaper is going to be making their decision known on Thursday. The Plain Dealer is doing a voter guide based on a survey of 4 questions on the theme of regionalism and sharing of services.

Am I nervous, not yet -- I am sure I will be next Tuesday.

The reason I am not nervous is that we have had a strategy for the campaign and for the most part we have worked that strategy to the letter. Whether it was a winner or not we will know on October 4th. But I strongly believe that is a winner!

What I am nervous about is whether the Indians will make the Playoffs! They have been exciting!

Well, we are still scheduled to go to trial next week, so must get into trial mode. I moved into a new office after 6 years of being on the inside part of the office I now have a window that faces the west, so I will be able to see some of the spectacular sunsets that we get during this time of the year.

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