Sunday, March 19, 2006

Six Weeks

After spending six weeks in West plan Beach Florida, I am now ready for the warmer temps here in Lakewood.

The reason I was in Florida was to help out my firm's office there with the possibility of relocating to that City. However, due to the cost of living it was not financially feasible. After see what people are paying for housing down there, I will not complain about the housing market here or the taxes that are paid. My house in Lakewood, would be worth well over a $500,000 if not approaching the 750,000 range. Which would mean nearly a 2x to 3x the value of my home here.

Like I said, just not feasible.

Let's take a quick look at what has been happening in the political arenas;

Lakewood is on the brink of approving the City budget, the only hold up is a question of $40,000 item in the recycling program. That item appears to be cleaned up and the Council should approve it Monday, well ahead of the March 31 deadline.

In the Governor's race the slings and arrows are in full use between Petro and Blackwell neither one of them seems to be able to focus on their programs and messages. Based on the emails I have been seeing the mud is getting deep. The Plain Dealer is getting into the act of mudslinging with the article on Blackwell's fundraising during a previous run for what was initially the State Treasurer's office, but switched to the re-election campaign for Secretary of State back in 2001.
Perception of wrongful conduct in fundraising in this race is not something the Republicans need if they want to maintain control of the Governor's seat in January 2007.

Attorney General's race - Well I am disappointed in Betty Montgomery, I was hoping for a new face in State wide politics with Tim Grindell, but Betty cut her losses in the governor's race and immediately jumped into the AG Race essentially steam rolling Grindell's chances. If I was here for the County GOP nomination meeting I would have voted for Tim. Sorry Betty, you should have done the switch months ago.

Speaking of steam rolling, as having spent enough time in Florida I was able to pick up on the wrangling going on with Rep. Katherine Harris desire to run for US Senate. The State GOP Party really doesn't want her to run. Apparently they view her as lightening rod for the Democrats to gather strength and possibly keep that seat Democrat (Bill Nelson is the incumbent). As I was boarding a plane to head back to Northeast Ohio, it appears that she will keep her campaign going. It should be interesting to watch.

One final thought, in viewing my sitemeter someone from the United States Navy in Virginia has stopped in to read this blog on several occasions, there are a couple of things I want to say:

First- Thank you for continuing to protect my rights to post about whatever I want to in this blog!
Second - Virginia, must be from Norfolk. I was hoping from Maryland then I know who or what Agency it might be and could say Hello Captain M.

Maybe they will leave a comment!

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