Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Received the following comment from the previous thread

Anonymous said...
"Rumor Mill has it that you are moving to Florida, so your weighing in on political matters doesn't really matter, now does it?Good Luck to you...Will you still be blogging? And under what name?"

No decisions have been made on Florida, but I do have some opinions on some of the races going on in Ohio. I found it very interesting that this past weekend the Plain Dealer would provide the voters a chart on the political leanings of the the Congressional officeholders in Ohio.

There are also some interesting items with the US Senate seat here in Florida and the internal GOP arm twisting and back biting going on with one candidate.

So Anonymous, my opinions may not matter to you, but they may matter someone else who reads this blog.

I also have been told (there is that rumor mill again) that the Ward 1 seat in '07 may already have a candidate, so that decision has been made.

As to changing the name of the blog, I have thought of that, but haven't come up with a name that I like.

We shall see very soon!

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