Friday, March 03, 2006


For the past month I have been working in Florida, helping out an office with a need for Paralegals.
As with a lot of people I work with, this group of people in this office have made me feel as I if I have worked there for years.
The pace is a little different than I am used to, as well as the work is a little more interactive from inception of the case.
All in all it has been fun.
I must return for two more weeks and then some decisions have to be made.
More on that later as well as pictures from my visit with my Mother and Jacky, Tom, Andrew and Kara (who came into our world 4 years ago today!)

I will also be weighing in on the campaigns and the politics that are gearing up.

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Anonymous said...

Rumor Mill has it that you are moving to Florida, so your weighing in on political matters doesn't really matter, now does it?Good Luck to you...will you still be blogging? and under what name?