Monday, April 17, 2006

Judicial Races for May 2

Looking for assistance in picking your Judicial Candidates.

Here is a website to help you along:

This is put out by the JCRC, the Judicial Candidates Rating Coalition, which is made up of The Cleveland Bar Association, The Cuyahoga County Bar Association, The Cuyahoga Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, The Norman S. Minor Bar Association, and The Ohio Women's Bar Association.

These are the Associations that work with these Candidates on a regular basis and as in any other endorsement each individual group conducted their own interviews to select their choices.

You may not agree with their choices, but in the legal community its not really about politics, its about how each individual will interpret the law to determine the cases before them.

For those in Lakewood, you will notice on the Democratic ticket for the Court of Appeals, our very own Municipal Court Judge Pat Carroll (no relation) has been given mostly excellent ratings over Judge Mary J. Boyle. Of course the Plain Dealer endorsed him as well, so it should be interesting.

As a Disclaimer, I am partial on the Democratic ticket to James Satola running for the Common Pleas Court against Ann Mannen and Christine Russo. Mr. Satola is bright young lawyer, who I have the pleasure of working with over the past seven years. I think he would bring a solid base of knowledge and temperament to the bench.


Anonymous said...

Where are you? I miss you!

Anonymous said...

AH-Ha! So you are a Democrat!

THCARR said...

Anonymous said...
AH-Ha! So you are a Democrat!

For you, I will do something that I don't like to and cater to a voter -- So Yeah I am!

For everyone else I am still a Republican!

Anonymous said...

Still a Republican?...You never were...You are only kidding yourself!