Monday, April 24, 2006

Plain Dealer Got it Right!

In the Sunday edition the Editorial Board made the decision to endorse Barbara Ann Ferris for the Democratic Primary against Dennis Kucinich.

The endorsement was more an indictment of Kucinich's leadership and involvement in the issues that are important to the district. As an example they used the DFAS realignment issue that occurred last year as a prime example of his being out of touch with what was happening in the district. As a further elaboration on that very issue Mr. Kucinich was somewhat marginalized by the committee that went before the Task Force on Base Closure, during the hour long presentation in Buffalo, NY last summer, Kucinich was only allowed less than 5 minutes to speak and it was during former Mayor Campbell's allotted time.

I will admit that in the Primary of 2004, I specifically voted in the Democratic Primary so that I could vote against Kucinich, because I was ticked off at the way he was not representing this district when we so badly needed some leadership in Washington. That is the only time in 24 years that I did not vote in a Republican primary. Little did I know at that time that vote would come back to haunt me a year later in my run for City Council and being elected as a Precinct Committee person. Of course that is a story for another time.

Now if we can only get the Democratic voters to follow the Plain Dealer's advice and select Barbara Ann Ferris as their Democratic Challenger. Which would make an interesting race between her and the winner of the Jason Werner and Mike Dovilla race for the Republicans. A race I have yet to decide who to vote for next Tuesday.

Congratulations Barbara, that endorsement was huge for your campaign!

Since originally writing this I have also done a little bit of research and found that Dennis has been having a rough time of it fundraising, it seems his campaign is in deficit spending. IF he survives, I wonder if the money will come back.


Anonymous said...

so you are an 'undecided voter'....what's your problem since your expound on how informed you are about everything...blah, blah, blah!

THCARR said...

Not sure where you are getting that I am an undecided voter, but that is your problem, not mine.