Thursday, June 28, 2007

100 Days

On June 25, 2007, that day marked the 100 days until the October 2nd Primary for Mayor. We are still a little more than three weeks away from the filing deadline for the race.

The three presumptive candidates are out already trying to drum up support, both financial and by getting the voter support.

The question remains, where is the City of Lakewood headed?

It appears the topics for this campaign are going to be crime, housing and taxes. These issues are interchangeable as to the importance level area based on what the Candidates are saying.

Ryan Demro and Ed Fitzgerald seem to think crime maybe the number 1 issue and although I can't find anything to support my theory, it would appear Mayor Tom George's issue may be either fiscal or housing.

There are going to be some subplots to this race,

1) Is Ryan Demro too young and brash to manage the City?

2) Is Ed Fitzgerald going to be a full time Mayor or is this just another step up
the political ladder?

3) Can Tom George continue to effectively manage the City on what appears to most citizens as by the "seat of his pants"?

4) Will the Business community step up for one candidate or will it play the field
and cover all bets on each candidate?

5) Will the Lakewood Observer, Lakewood Buzz and the Sun Post, will they sit out the race or will they be active in getting the stories out on the issues and the candidates?

6) Where will the Lakewood Hospitality Association, the Chamber of Commerce and Lakewood Alive sit on the race?

The biggest issue that I see, that no one talks about is stirring enough interest in the voting citizens to get them out and vote. I would view that if there is not more than 20 - 25% of the registered voters casting their ballots in October, than I view that as a sad state of affairs for the City.

Where do you think Lakewood is headed?

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