Saturday, June 23, 2007

Lakewood Library Gala

Attended the Library Gala Saturday night, if you were a political junkie, you had the three Mayoral candidates, a Council candidate and a few former Mayors.

Also, Congressman Hobson from Springfield, OH, Senator Voinovich and even Lt. Gov. Lee Fisher was there. Kucinich was no where to be seen (at least from my vantage point). About half of City Council was there. Member of the school board and the Superintendant of Schools Dr. Estop.

Not to mention a whole lot of movers and shakers of Lakewood.

What was interesting, is that the crowd was mostly Lakewood Citizens, usually you go to these fundraisers and its a lot of out of towners. It made for interesting viewing and some interesting conversations.

As for the new wing of the Library, its beautiful inside, I especially liked the Grand Reading room on the second floor.

I am looking forward to when the Library is totally finished, it should be great to visit and peruse the collections.

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