Friday, November 09, 2007

Unofficial Results

Looking over the unofficial results, once again Ed Fitzgerald went 63 for 65. Pretty impressive, I did not think he could replicate the Primary numbers. In some way he didn't fully replicate them as he lost two different precincts this time around.

More on the numbers later. Also, in an upcoming post I want to talk about one of the big disappointments for this election season, the use of the the electronic forums.


Peg Wasserbauer said...

Tim, you indicated that Ed won 63 out of 65 precincts but lost a different two this time. What precincts did he lose in the primary and the general? Thanks, Peg.

THCARR said...


My 63 -65 number was the unofficial count from the Primary, however in looking at the Official numbers Ed went 64 for 65 losing 2-B
For the General he lost 1-C and 1-H, based on the changes from the unofficial to the official in the Primary, there could be a revision on those two precincts as well, because he lost both precincts by a total of 9 votes.

Peg said...

Thanks. To what do you attribute this change?


The change in the unoffcial numbers to the official is the counting of provisional ballots and retabulation of those votes.

As to the change in precincts lost by FitzGerald, perhaps just more people came out to vote against him.