Saturday, January 19, 2008

Here is how I see the At - Large Vacancy

This is how I see the voting going for each prospect if it were a round by round situation.

Paul Beegan
Tim Carroll
Stephen Davis
Diane Helbig
Steven Hoffert
Ruth Koenigsmark
Edward McCartney
Brian Powers
Dan Shields

Round 1:Edward McCartney out, probably a unanimous verdict on that!

Round 2:Ruth Koenigsmark out, pretty active in the community, but Council is looking for someone they can work with;

Round 3:I think Paul Beegan and Steve Hoffert are out in this round. Mr. Hoffert wanted to stop cronyism in city hall, well he can sit and watch it happen, because this how this selection is going to turn out.

Round 4:I am out here, I just don't think that Council will want to put a Republican on the panel, this is going to be an all Democrat lead city. I am lucky I made it this far. Granted, I could go out at anytime prior to this, I just don't see how I can compete with Davis, Shields and Powers. One interesting note, I did beat Shields in the 2005 Primary.

Diane Helbig is out here as well, if not sooner.

Round 5:Here is where it gets interesting, who is left, Steve Davis, Dan Shields and Brian Powers. Everyone loves Steve Davis in the community, but he knows he is not who they are looking at.

Round 6:I don't envision Tom Bullock allowing Dan Shields to be on the panel after he beat him in November. Its also the same reason Mike Summers could say about Diane Helbig and Niki Antonio could say about me.

So Ladies & Gentlemen, I give you Brian Powers as the new at-large Councilman.

It also puts a IVY league educated Councilman back on the City stage.

If this is how it plays out, I will not be surprised, nor will I have hard feelings about it. Politics is politics!

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Anonymous said...

Unconfirmed report on LO that your hunch was right. They need a Republican to blame everything on.Now who will they blame?....p.