Monday, January 21, 2008


Well over at the Lakewood Observer the cry of cronyism is taking shape, as well as apparently I have ruffled a few feathers with my post regarding the voting on the various candidates.

As well as Councilman - Designate Powers is concerned this issue is a minor ripple in the pond, he can silence it by running in 2009 and winning. He needs to focus on the budget and other pressing problems than to take a swing at this pitch in the dirt.

As the ruffled feathers are concerned, water under the bridge. As I understand how the vote went my post was apparently pretty close to reality.

The way it went down, was that each member of council voted on each candidate and it was only Brian Powers name appearing on all six panelists scorecard.

I would like to invite those who felt offended by my comments on this blog, please feel free to leave your comments here. The Lakewood Observer has enough people arguing between each other.


As to the ruffled feathers on the Observation deck, Jim O'Bryan chimed in with his tsk tsk

Here is how I responded:

I'm not sure how you came to this conclusion when you don't even know my wife. Next time you start making assumptions, make sure you know what your talking about."
Jerry Koenigsmark

Jim O'Bryan wrote:
Round 2:Ruth Koenigsmark out, pretty active in the community, but Council is looking for someone they can work with;


I just don't get that.

Never mind that Ruthie has been a very close friend since I had the pleasure of meeting her, and her family. Never mind that I have worked with Ruthie on many, many, many, many projects. I am always amazed at how hard working she is. With a thirst for learning only offset by her depth of knowledge. Open mind, open heart.

I'll lay it out here, and I like council.

Give me 7 Ruthies on Council and I am fine.

Give me a City Hall of Ruthies.

Tim, on a personal level, more than a little disappointed.

Mr. Koenigsmark and Mr. O'Bryan;

Unfortunately you both have assumed incorrectly as to the intent of my comments, you both appear to assume that I am making a disparaging remark regarding towards Mrs. Koenigsmark. I wasn't.

The working with council comment was a general comment about what one of the deciding factors was going to be. I could have placed that comment anywhere in the post, it just so happened to end after Mrs. Koenigsmarks name.

As to personal disappointment, don't worry Jim, you knew and posted the decision before I got the call from Mike Dever. So, that was my disappointment in you.

Tim Carroll

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