Monday, January 28, 2008

Wheels Coming Off?

Once again the Cleveland Plain Dealer endorsed the challenger in the 10th District Congressional race.

I have long thought that if Kucinich had not been in office the last 4 years, cities like Lakewood and others would not be in the financial strain that we are in.

This quote from the Plain Dealer kind of says it all:

But understanding problems and solving them are not the same thing. Fervor does not equal effectiveness. Voters on the West Side of Cleveland and in its western suburbs sent Kucinich to Washington in 1996. But since January 2003, much of his attention has been focused on an absolutely hopeless quest for the White House. In Kucinich's mind, these efforts have shaped the Democratic debate. He insists that if he had not been in this year's race, no one would have been talking about the war in Iraq, health care or trade policy. What hubris.

Remember that he launched his latest presidential campaign almost immediately after being re-elected to the House in 2006. He didn't wait to see who else might run -- let alone what they might talk about -- or to see what role he might play with Democrats controlling the House of Representatives. Instead, he lit out for Iowa and New Hampshire, where voters listened politely for months, then roundly ignored him on Election Day.

The story is much the same in Washington, where Kucinich carries little influence in Congress or among the Democrats who run it.

If Kucinich had not been in office and we had someone who was listening to the Mayors with in the District. Perhaps, the City of Lakewood wouldn't have to be scraping what ever dollars are left in the budget to fix the streets and sewers with more or less a band aid approach. I am sure the residents on Woodford Ave would prefer not to have to wait any longer to have their street finally repaired.

So is the luster finally off Kucinich, is there enough resentment even from hardcore supporters to want to send him packing? For at least the Primary, I think Dennis will move on to the General to face off against Jim Trakas. It would be nice to have congressional race about ideas on how you are going help the 10th District, instead of defending a paper record.

Speaking of luster and wheels coming off, is the Clinton shine finally dulling? Bad weekend for Hillary Clinton, getting waxed in South Carolina, having the Kennedys support your opponent and she is looking weak by trying to get the Michigan and Florida delegates legitimized so she can claim the delegate numbers.

Judging by both parties, Ohio will be in play for the Primary. I had thought the Ohio Democratic Primary was going to be more or less a Crowning for Clinton, but it doesn't look that way.

One more point on Kucinich and the Plain Dealer endorsement, I certainly hope that if Kucinich does make it through, that the Plain Dealer would have the conviction to continue its non-endorsement in the fall, unlike what they did two years ago.

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