Friday, January 25, 2008

Open Letter to the Koenigsmarks

Mr. & Mrs. Koenigmarks,

Since it was my words on this site that has created animosity, I feel that should it should be on this site, that I offer my apologies.

Once again, let me offer my apologies to you and Mr. Koenigsmark, for the comments made by me on this blog on January 19, 2008.

The comments regarding whether you were capable of working with Council was not meant to be malicious or defamatory. But, Mr. Koenigsmark and others have shown that in the context in which I wrote that statment was precieved as derogatory towards your work within the City of Lakewood.

In retrospect, the comment was supposed to be a general comment upon all of the candidates and should have been used in some other area, if at all.

I have been involved in politics pretty much my entire life and I know what its like to be the brunt of criticism. When I write in this blog, I try to write to educate or perhaps show a perspective that perhaps no one has seen. I try to be particularly careful of offending anyone.

It appears that in the post in question, I failed and I am truly sorry for that.


Tim Carroll

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