Monday, March 10, 2008

Did this Influence the Election?

Saw this piece on news page.

(Cleveland, OH) -- Thousands of Republican voters in Cuyahoga County are newly-minted Democrats. The Cuyahoga County Board of Elections says 16-thousand GOP members jumped parties for last week's primary election, but it's not necessarily good news for county Democrats. Elections officials may investigate some Republicans who they believe crossed over to influence the Democratic presidential race in Ohio. Cuyahoga County GOP leaders say national and local talk-radio hosts are to blame for the party-jumping.

It sounds like its a new development in voting, however, it happens a lot more than people think. I have said a few times that I did this in 2004.

The problem will be for the GOP to maintain contact with those 16,000 voters during the remaining portion of this election year. The downside for these voters is that they have just increased the amount of campaign literature and phone calls for the November General Election.

Hopefully, none of these 16,000 are precinct or other committee people, that would be bad news for the party as well.

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