Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Watching New York State

As someone who was born and raised in New York and spent some time in the Assembly Chamber while my father served as an Assemblyman for the 137th/138th District (Niagara County). I have been really amused with the fall from grace of soon to be ex-Governor Eliot Spitzer.

As I write this the New York Post has issued an update indicating that Spitzer will stay on just a little longer.

I have no doubt that the NY Legislature will take an impeachment action against Spitzer, unless Spitzer resigns.

This comment from the Buffalo News attributed to an aide of the Governor's seems to sum it up pretty well:

Among his senior staff, Monday's sense of shock and sadness had, overnight, fallen to anger.

"Idiot," was all one top aide said.

One of my favorite bloggers has the best title for his post "Eliot Mess". Lex goes on to show the point/counter point as to what the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times has said on the same story.

A quick search around the net, the title for Eliot Mess will be used fairly often. Here is one.

Let's face it this guy is not well liked by the members of both parties in the State House and a few of the state's newspapers have wondered where all the hope and promise he had proscribed for the state when he was elected back in November of 2006.

As having family still sprinkled around the state, its been pretty clear that his approval was going down hill, what I didn't realize how fast it had plummeted. He was elected with nearly 70% of the vote and just a few days ago I had seen a story indicating that his approval rating was less than 30% with a negativity rating of 70%.

There is an underlying story here as well, the State is currently in the budget negotiations for FY 2008/2009. That budget needs to be in place by April 1st or they will have to get supplementary appropriations. So, if there is a pet project that the Governor Spitzer wants, it might be a hard sell for him while he is under this black cloud of possible criminal behavior. The constituency might be better served if he resigns and let Lt. Governor Patterson pick up the mantle of moving New York forward.

The other side plot to this is that Spitzer is a Super Delegate for Hillary Clinton, she doesn't need this distraction as well as losing the Super Delegate at this juncture in the Presidential delegate race.

I wonder if Ted Strickland has called to offer his counsel as a minister to help Spitzer through this tough time.

The more I read, I think the aide sums it up the best, what an idiot!

UPDATE MARCH 12, 2008:
Just received word via WIVB-TV (Buffalo) and the AP that Governor Spitzer will resign today effective Monday, March 17, 2008.

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