Monday, March 03, 2008

PRIMARY DAY 2008 - 10th District

Tomorrow is the deciding day for Dennis Kucinich, will he remain the incumbent for the 10th District Congressional race or will he be going home.

This contest was essentially decided when the ballot came out with 5 names:

Rosemary Palmer
Barbara Ann Ferris
Thomas O'Grady
Joseph Cimperman
Dennis Kucinich

If this was a straight up race with Kucinich vs Cimperman or O'Grady then there might be a different outcome.

Even though Cimperman has put a lot of money into this campaign and there is a lot of frustration with Kucinich, I still see the vote split between Palmer, Ferris, O'Grady and Cimperman, which puts Kucinich up against the GOP nominee in the fall.

Take Kucinich +/- 5% difference between he and Cimperman.

Who will Dennis! meet in November, Jim Trakas.

The GOP race was over for Jason Werner as soon as Trakas announced. Werner will be lucky if he garners even 10% of the vote.

With Kucinich/Trakas race the big question will be, will those Democrats who were frustrated with Kucinich stay on the Democratic side or will they cross over to Trakas.

Time will tell.

If Cimperman is able to knock off Kucinich, than that will be the second story for Wednesday. The money race from both congressional campaigns will most likely flow in from Washington.

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