Monday, March 03, 2008


Thank God its here -- Perhaps now Joe Cimperman will quit calling me everyday to get my vote!

Since I already voted a month ago I have more or less just been a somewhat dispassionate listener to all the candidates.

There are really only three races that I have been following here in Cuyahoga County, they are:

1) Common Pleas Judge (Democratic)race (term commencing 2/9/09) between Deena Calabrese, James Satola and Patrick Talty.

2) 10th Congressional District race on both sides of the aisle

3) Democratic Presidential Race

I have also been curious about the Court of Appeals race with Judge Carroll in it. The question for Judge Carroll is that can he leap over the other three for the nod. Its my guess that his role as a Muni-Judge could be a detriment. My bet will be on Stuart Friedman getting the nod.

As to the 2/9/09 Common Pleas Judicial race, this is between a Bill Mason protege (Calabrese), a guy who seems to be a professional candidate (Talty) and my colleague, James Satola.
I will be upfront I am biased in this race, I would really like to see Jim get this nod for November. Vote Satola!

The other two races I will do in follow up posts, they each deserve their own.

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