Tuesday, April 01, 2008


As I have talked about in a couple of posts here and here, the Board of Elections have step back from the precipice and vowed not to prosecute those Republicans and Democrats who switched parties on March 4th.

Although it appears that one Board Member still wants to investigate the voter who wrote "Today only" on his/her form.
Democratic board member Sandy McNair, who initiated the investigation, asked the board at Monday's meeting to subpoena a Westlake Republican who wrote "Today Only" on his pledge card when he took a Democratic ballot. The three other board members, two Republicans and a Democrat, said they didn't want to force public testimony from the voter.

I think the other board member sums up everything with this comment:

"We have so many other things we need to focus on," said Inajo Davis Chappell, the board's other Democrat. "I don't want to second-guess voters."

Now if we can only settle the dispute between the Democratic Presidential Candidates on the delegate issue, then we can begin to fight for the November election.

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