Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Last night the budget was passed, it appears that the time for action has finally come to the City in dealing with the budget.

Now the hard part comes, cuts are to be made, people will lose their job. It will not be easy nor do I believe that this is the end of the cuts, barring any catastrophic event this year, there will be more cuts next year as a way to to continue to stave of a deficit spending.

Could this have been avoided certainly, but that was several years ago. Most on the Council and even the Mayor could not have foreseen the extent of the damage that is the City budget.

Can the residents of Lakewood be ready for the changes, there will be whining and crying about this service or that department is not doing its job properly. Reality is Lakewood can no longer afford to be as unique as everyone wants to be, its just gotten to expensive to handle.

Here is Council President Mike Dever's Letter:

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Actual Budget numbers will come up in a follow up post

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