Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Day 1 of the Democratic Convention

I stayed up to watch Michelle Obama's speech last night, but wasn't swayed by what she was saying. I felt like she was trying to give an opening statement in court, but failed to tell the American people what the evidence is going to show on how a President Obama will lead this country.

When comparing her speech to Ted Kennedy's speech she seemed to fall flat.

That's great that she loves America and that she is from the south side of Chicago and educated at top level ivy league schools (none which were mentioned)but, I did not know that Barrack while clerking with the law firm that Michelle worked for was chatting her up for dates. I guess that will be the only tidbit that I pick up from this convention.

It think a drinking game should be started for the rest of the convention, everybody should drink a beverage every time someone mentions "the southside of Chicago"

Speaking of falling flat, poor Caroline Kennedy's she was not given the oratory skills of her father or uncles, I expected a little more emotion out her while introducing her Uncle Ted. I mention this, because later in the night she was on CNN with Wolf Blitzer, Anderson Cooper and the rest of the panel and she was quite good with the deflecting and defending the VP selection and vetting.

Well tonight is Hillary night and Tomorrow is Bill's turn, these two speeches should be interesting. I also think that Hillary should let the delegates vote during the nomination process, I think that would be good catharsis for the party. I believe that will help unify the Democrats by eliminating the tendency by the Clinton supporters that they are being pushed under the rug.

We shall see.

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