Friday, August 22, 2008

Obama Veep Selections

I am anticipating that Obama will probably announce his choice around the 5:00pm today, that way it can be the dominant story for the next 24 hours and then the press will follow the ticket all weekend leading into the Democratic convention.

Consider it the Political version of sweeps week for the TV ads.

Who will it be? Joe Biden, Evan Byah, Tim Kaine, Kathy Sebelious, Chet Edwards.

My guess it will be Biden, but we shall see.


It's 9:00pm on Friday before the Democratic Convention:

Obama doesn't understand politics and the media. He had the the perfect opportunity to drive the message for the next 200 hours, now he is continuing to leave the media and the public guessing. Which would give him the bounce he so thoroughly needed this week.

If Obama loses this election and that is a possibility, today could be the day when the historians point and say: He blew it!

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