Tuesday, October 21, 2008

In Two Weeks

In just two weeks America will go to the polls to elect the 44th President of the United States.

The question remains, who will be the victor, will it be Barack Obama or John McCain.

I don't know!

The polls continue to ebb and flow mainly in Obama's direction from a very small margin to a somewhat larger margin of low double digits.
Recent history has shown the polls to be wrong, in 2004 Kerry was leading, Al Gore was winning in 2000 and in 1980 Jimmy Carter was beating Ronald Reagan. The record reflects that none of those leading in the polls in the waning days of the cycle would end up being given the oath of office on January 20th.

Earlier this summer I had dinner with some friends, one who sat fairly high in the local GOP party. This gentleman asked me who I thought would win and I stated that the election was Barack Obama's to lose, I still think my comments are relevant even at this late date.

Obama certainly has the money, since his campaign has just announced that they have raised in the month of September 150 million dollars, which brings his total cash intake to over 650 million dollars or as some pundit put it, nearly the same amount Congress appropriated for the Wall Street Rescue.

Now you put that one month total against John McCain's 87 million that he gets from the public financing and you can already see the advantage for Obama.

But, for some reason Obama can't seemed to shake McCain off his tail and have the clear and concise victory that is expected. Perhaps there may be some remorse or perhaps the polls are really showing that the final numbers will be a lot closer than everybody thinks.

As for John McCain, well the selection for Sarah Palin saved his campaign, it re-energized his bid for the White House with those just outside the hardcore Republican base. Now, Gov. Palin has certainly also energized the Democrat's to the point that in the beginning they were being truly brutal and vicious in their remarks.

If McCain is not elected, Gov. Palin certainly will be a force within the Party for fundraising. Something that will be needed badly after this election.

As for the Obama/Biden ticket, well Joltin Joe Biden certainly has provided adequate fodder for the newspapers and bloggers, especially with his latest gaffe regarding Obama being tested internationally within the first six months of office.

However, I think Joe Biden is right, I do believe some world leader or some terrorist organization will try and take a pot shot at America to see how Obama will react, if he handles in strongly, then the answer will be don't mess with him. But, if he screws it up then all the leaders will know that they can not or will not depend on America to offer any assistance on any major crisis. In this scenario, I believe that is were Israel will act on its own accord if threatened.

If Obama is elected will he be a Jimmy Carter or a Franklin Roosevelt.

If John McCain is elected, will he be a Teddy Roosevelt or as the Democrats' would like everyone to think another George W. Bush.

At this point as we whittle down the days to hours, we can only wait to see. If you have followed this campaign closely, you know that we have had some strange twists at times and now everybody is waiting to see if there anymore that may affect the outcome on this race.

As I finish typing this, the polls in Ohio will close in 336 hours, still much more work to be done by both campaigns.

Who will it be?

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