Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Obama Health Care Plan Not As Good As He Portrays

The Power Line guys point to a piece from The Weekly Standard regarding a comparison of the health care plans of the two candidates.

Here is one of the main points:

In effect, the Obama plan creates an incentive to drop employees from existing plans, and then takes private insurers out of the race to cover them by using price controls to make the public option cheaper. The plan's goal is to drive Americans into a public Medicare-like insurance system by default.

This article seems to be the clearest breakdown of the health care plans that I have read and I realized that just five years ago, I was working under the McCain plan through work. Since I was not taking the my firm's program I received a rebate on my pay stub to the tune of nearly of $1,000, so perhaps McCain's plan is not the as evil as Obama claims.

Make sure you read the whole article!

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