Tuesday, November 04, 2008


On this election day, I will manning a poll location as Republican Observer in the City of East Cleveland Ward 2.

While I am there I will seeing first hand the type of ground game that the Democrats will have fielded for this Presidential race.

With just about unlimited funds, the Democrats should have a program in which the Republicans used to have, but this year the GOP was truly bested by the Obama campaign.

Probably by sometime late Tuesday night or early Wednesday morning the national media will begin make their calls.

That call will be that Barack Obama and Joseph Biden will become the next President and Vice President of the United States.

Obama as the 44th President, will need to begin to heal the wounds of his own party and be able to reach across the aisle to the remaining Republicans in Congress to continue the business of the United States of America as the being the leader of the Free World.

Once again, America will show the world that we can hold divisive opinions on governing, but still able to provide elections that are beholden to the tenets of our founding fathers ideals some 232 years ago.

What will be made of our electing of Mr. Obama, it will be historic!

The election of Barack Obama will bring to full circle the idea and concept espoused by a fellow Illini on the battlefields of Gettysburg.

As this long campaign comes to a close and America begins again, we must look to the future to determine the paths that must be taken to restore the hope in our economy and set a goal to the next generation to follow.

To Senator John McCain and Governor Sarah Palin, I thank you for fighting the good fight, for withstanding the brutal blows directed at you and your families. We believed that you both would have been good and able stewards of our countries fortunes, but, alas, that bright and shining dream will be dimmed to a faint glow for these next few years.

You both have followed the U. S. Marine Corp credo of DUTY, HONOR and COUNTRY these past few months with that I say job well done.

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