Wednesday, November 05, 2008

President - Elect Obama

After having several hours to contemplate the victory of President - Elect Obama's it is truly amazing. His campaign has shattered every political myth and trend that has been in place since the beginning of the USA.

Today, though reality has begun to creep in as he begins to form his administration and set his priorities.

In listening to snippets of his speech last night he let his supporters know that perhaps that not all the promises he made can be kept during his administration or at least in the first term.

So we Republicans and Conservatives will have to sit back for a few weeks to see the hand that will be dealt by the new administration. We should know with the various Cabinet selections in which direction the administration might lean.

Some of the key positions to look for besides the obvious of Secretaries of State, Defense, Treasury and the Director of the CIA are the Secretaries of Commerce, Transportation and the most telling of all the Director of the EPA.

Those positions could hold sway over the American economy for years to come, perhaps more than the State or Defense Departments.

With the judiciary, it seems that perhaps for the first time since perhaps the Reagan years that all Federal District Court vacancies will be filled with the size of the majority of the Senate.

As to the Supreme Court time will only tell, since no justice as of yet has provided a signal on retirement.

Things are still interesting, but somewhat muted.

Stay tuned!

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