Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thank You Mr. President!

You wake up this morning as the Leader of the Free World, but when you go to sleep this evening you will just like the rest of us, a normal citizen of these United States of America.

You have a endured difficult times and have had several shining moments these last 8 years.

Some of the burdens you have borne are only know to the other 42 men to have held that position and I am sure your successor will feel some in the coming days of his administration.

Mr. Bush, you started out on the river of freedom on the USS America with great hopes that our country will be able to expand the democracy in which we sometimes take for granted. Yet, on the beautiful September morn, that river of freedom entered an unforeseen rapids in which for some there would be no escaping.

Yet Mr President you shined in the midst of the pile of rubble:

For all the slings and arrows that came your way, you continued to hold to your beliefs never wavering. As the Marines say you were always faithful to America and her ideals.

I can say with conviction, that you never made me regret my votes and all the hours I devoted to your two elections. I hope that perhaps with your successor that I may one day say that I regretted not voting Obama, but, I am just like you, hopeful, that he will instill the same confidence in America that you had.

Thank you Mr. Bush and I wish you and Laura many more days together to share in more private joys that the both of you so richly deserve.

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