Monday, January 19, 2009

Tomorrow is the Day 1

The Democrats and the rest of the Angry Left have waited 8 long years to begin to run this country.

The Obama Administration has stubbed its toe with a couple of appointments regarding the Secretary of Commerce and the Treasury Secretary. But, if you don't pay taxes, as a Democrat it should still get you appointed.

I hope that the Democrats will remember that if the Tarp Fund does not recover the economy, that they can not blame everything on the Bush Administration. Since one of the key designers of that plan could very well be sitting as Secretary of Treasury.

I am hopeful that President Obama can persuade the Congress not to open criminal inquiries on various members of the Bush administration, I believe that would be a bad idea and create more hostility for when the GOP retakes control in one or both of the houses.

Should SanFran Nan want to take on the Bush Administration, I would certainly hope that she is open to ethics investigations on Charlie Rangel, Barney Frank and getting Harry Reid to open one on Chris Dodd. It would be a nice bi-partisan look at criminal activity.

With the recent court decision on the wiretapping it will be interesting to see what the Dems will want prosecute.

As to what to expect from the Obama Administration.

Barack Obama tomorrow at 12:15 pm will begin his re-election campaign. He will basically have two years for the rest of America to either continue to stay on the bandwagon or begin to look for new leadership.

The big question is how long before the media tires of Obama.

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