Monday, March 02, 2009

The Fate of the Catholic Parishes in Lakewood

As I have written before, there has been an 18+ month evaluation as to the various parishes located in Lakewood and St. Rose of Lima on Detroit and W 114th. The final answer as to who remains open and who closes is now coming down to the final days.

Word is that by the middle of the month the parishes will be informed of the decision. There are going to be hard feelings and lots of traditions that will also be lost.

But, what will be needed afterwards is a quick forging of new relations between the remaining parishes, parishioners and the Catholic Schools in Lakewood which also be affected by any closings.

One other party that could harmed is the City itself, I am told the City administration has been kept abreast of the situation and are just sitting back waiting for the answer just like the rest of the thousands affect by this process.

Like I said we are just days away from a decision, I hope its a smart one.

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